Bamboo Utensil Set

Vibra Eco

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The perfect alternative to plastic cutlery. Our Bamboo Cutlery To-Go Set is small and lightweight. It provides you with whatever cutlery you need for whichever meal. 


  • 1 x bamboo fork
  • 1 x bamboo knife
  • 1 x bamboo spoon
  • 1 x bamboo set of chopsticks
  • 1 x stainless steel silver straw
  • 1 x linen carry pouch


  • Hand wash recommended 
  • Seal Bamboo Utensils with olive or coconut oil into wood. 


Why bamboo?

We have chosen to use bamboo for our reusable set because it is safe to use, a great alternative to plastic, and extremely light weight on the go! 

Did you know? 

We attempt to only use sustainable items. Bamboo grows eight times faster than any hardwood, and when harvested it grows within the year. Naturally, bamboo grows about 120cm a day!