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Made With Love in New York. Inspired by travels, the world, and of course you. 

Seeing the impact our decisions have on the environment, cultures, and ourselves - we decided to build a home for those hoping to begin to live more consciously. Our purpose is to inspire you with our Vibra and authentic items. We believe small changes in our lifestyle will make a big difference in the wellness of the world in the future. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers at the center of our world.


Let's raise the vibration together. 

Why Reusables? 

There are many staggering facts about plastic and what it is doing to our  planet, animals and us. The facts are heart-breaking but there are ways we can together contribute to this mess, and create positive change. Our items are contemporary and made for the ease of consumers. We want consumers to feel confident with our reusables and enjoy taking them on the go. 

1. Plastic constitutes to approximately 90 percent of all trash floating on the ocean's surface with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. 

2. 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use it once and throw it away. 

3. The average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year.

4. It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. 

5. One million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals are killed annually from plastic in the ocean. 

Interested in knowing more? Contact us with questions! or Watch a Plastic Ocean on Netflix. 


Meet the Founder

Andrea Fajardo 

Born and raised in NYC area with Uruguayan roots, Andrea was introduced to travel at two months old. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Andrea worked as a digital marketer in NYC before deciding it was time to continue exploring the world. Her bold decision to get to know humanity and our planet led her to 6 continents, and swim in their oceans. Andrea became aware of the effects of plastic after first handedly experiencing a dying Great Barrier Reef in Australia, floating plastic in the Pacific/Atlantic Oceans, swimming in micro plastics in the Gulf of Thailand, and plastic pollution in Filipino lands. She also experienced the impressionable beauty and richness of our natural world. Her love for nature, the future of humanity, and contemporary fashion led her to find reusable solutions. She believes business, passion, and purpose can align - that's why Vibra Eco was born. 


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