What is Sustainability? + 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030

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Hi Friends,

Let’s Be Real.

Some of us hear the word sustainability and have an idea of what it truly means, but don’t have the time or energy to investigate the subject. It’s okay and understandable. Don’t you worry! We will do the job for you.

Some of us know what it means, but get overwhelmed by the problems of the world, and don’t even know where to begin to make a change. It’s normal and natural. We just need a little direction and motivation to get on the “eco” train.

Dictionary definition:

The definition of “sustainability” is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology to remain in balance. Sustainability explores solutions so we can live in harmony with the natural world, protecting it from damage.
There are many examples throughout human history where civilization has damaged its environment, and affected its own chances of survival. We are not fully there yet, but if we don’t make changes now - we are well on our way to destruction of humanity, our animals, and our mother earth.
We are a part of the ecosystem, we are directly affected by the environment. You can explore more on this topic by reading Jared Diamond’s book Collapse: How Complex Societies Choose to Fail or Survive.
Now, let’s get clearer on what are the goals. We can get started personally by following along the powerful plan that the United Nations has created. I will be sharing some hopeful facts on the progress we have made, along with the current reality and what we need to be focusing on.

17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030:

1. No Poverty.

Did you know?
+ In 2000, the world committed to halving the number of people living in extreme poverty, and by 2015 this goal was met.
- 800 million people around the world still live on less than $1.25 a day. That’s about the whole continent of Europe living in extreme poverty.
*Tip: Shop intelligently. Fair trade is essential in helping aid poverty. We can help workers around the world get paid humanely. Watch “The True Cost” on Netflix.

2. Zero Hunger.

Did you know?
+ In the past 20 years, hunger has dropped by almost half.
- Now, 1 out of every 9 people on earth go to bed hungry every night. Everyone deserves nutrition food all year round.
*Tip: Support small farmers directly or indirectly and sustainable agriculture. Support businesses that are attempting to support small farmers.

3. Good Health and Well- Being.

Did you know?
+ The UN is attempting to make sure everyone has health coverage and access to safe and effective medicines and vaccines.
- 6 million children die every year before their fifth birthday.
- AIDS is the leading cause of death of adolescents in Sub- Saharan Africa.
*Tip: Vote intelligently. Make your voice count. Stay informed. Volunteer.

4. Quality Education.

Did you know?
+ Since 2000, there has been progress: the total enrolment rate in developing regions has reached 91%.
- Poverty, armed conflict and other emergencies keep many kids out of school.
- The poorest households are four times more likely to be out of school than those of the richest households.
- Universal primary and secondary education should be made affordable and it currently isn’t.
*Tips: Stay informed. Vote. Volunteer if you can. Teach Abroad: English is extremely beneficial for the skills set of children all over the world. You don’t need a TEFL certification to apply to a lot of English teaching jobs abroad. Do your research or message us for more information.

5. Gender Equality.

Did you know?
- Progress has been made, but there is still massive inequality.
- There are inequalities in work and wages, lots of unpaid “women’s work” such as child care and domestic work, and discrimination in public decision-making.
*Tips: Vote. Stand for your rights if you are a woman. Support your ladies if you are a man. Stay informed. Inspire and empower fellow women in your community.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation.

Did you know?
- Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of people around the world, and that number is projected to go even higher as a result of climate change.
- If we don’t make a change, by 2050 at least one in four people are likely to be affected by recurring water shortages.
*Tips: Cooperation, help protect rivers and wetlands, help keep waters clean.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy.

Did you know?
+ Between 1990 and 2010, the number of people with access to electricity increased by 1.7 billion.
- As the population rises, more people will need cheap energy to light their homes, streets, and everyday business.
- Fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions are making drastic changes in the climate, leading to big environmental problems.
*Tips: Become more energy-efficient and invest in clean energy sources such as solar and wind power.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Did you know?
+ The middle class is growing worldwide - almost tripling in size in developing countries in the last 25 years.
- The job growth is NOT keeping pace with the growing labor force.
*Tips: Vote for policies that encourage entrepreneurship & job creation. Work with fair trade businesses eradicating forced labor, human trafficking and slavery.

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Did you know?
+The world is becoming ever more interconnected and prosperous thanks to the internet. The more we can all benefit from the wisdom and contributions of people everywhere on earth.
-Four billion people have no way of getting online, the vast majority of them in developing countries.
*Tips: We can bridge the digital divide by promoting sustainable industries, scientific research, and innovation.

10. Reduced Inequalities.

Did you know?
- The rich get richer, and poor get poorer. The divide has never been starker.
- Income inequality is a global problem.
*Tips: Vote for pro-immigration policies if you come from a country where there are opportunities available. Want to donate? Send development aid where it is most needed. Help people migrate safely so they can pursue opportunities.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Did you know?
-/+ More than half the world’s populations lives in cities.
- Cities are getting bigger.
- There are 28 mega-cities, home to 453 million people.
- Cities are also centers of extreme poverty.
*Tips: Make your city greener and get involved in your cities urban planning decisions.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production.

Did you know?
- Some people use a lot of stuff, while some use very little - in fact a big share of the world population is consuming too little to meet even their basic needs.
- We can consume in a way that preserves our natural resources so that our children can enjoy them, and their children, and so on.
*Tips: Dispose toxic waste better. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Stay informed in your local recycling policies. Support businesses that are aware of reducing waste.

13. Climate Action.

Did you know?
- Urgent action needs to be taken as the world is seeing drastic effects.
- Thousands of lives and billions of annual dollars are lost just from earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones and flooding.
*Tips: Stay informed about the topic. Vote for policies and government officials that have the power to make a change. Support big business that are making strides to reduce pollution.

14. Life on Water.

Did you know?
-/+ Oceans make human life possible. (Their temperature, their chemistry, their currents, their life forms.)
- More than 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal diversity for their livelihoods.
- Nearly a third of the world’s fish stocks are overexploited which is not sustainable.
- Oceans absorb about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide that humans produce; but we’re producing more carbon dioxide than ever before and that makes the oceans more acidic - 26% more, since the start of the industrial revolution.
- 13,000 pieces of plastic litter are on every square kilometer of ocean.
- In 2050, it is estimated there will be more plastic in the water than fish.
*Tips: Protect oceans. Stop single-plastic. Shop reusable options.

15. Life on Land.

Did you know?
-/+Plant life makes up 80% of the human diet.
+ Forests, which cover 30% of Earth’s surface, help keep the air and water clean along with the Earth’s climate in balance. Forests are home to millions of animal species.
- Arable land is disappearing 30 to 35 times faster than it has historically.
- Deserts are spreading.
- Animal breeds are going extinct.
*Tips: Want to cut that old tree in front of your house? Think twice. Help protect trees and the environment. Help restore ecosystems.

16. Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.

Did you know?
+ Humans need peace to live. We can not eat, teach, learn, work and raise families without it.
- Some parts of the world enjoy relative peace while others are plagued by armed conflict, crime, torture and exploitation, all which hinders their development.
*Tips: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Vote intelligently and vote for officials that care about human rights, justice, and security. Other ways are reducing the flow of illicit firearms, and strengthening core moral values in your family. We need to find lasting solutions to conflict and insecurity.

17. More Partnerships for these goals.

Did you know?
-/+ It’s a long list and 85% of us feel overwhelmed by it.
+ The world is more interconnected than ever before.
+ Vibra Eco is here to give a helping hand.
+ The UN has 193 countries that agreed on these goals.
*Tips: Join the Vibra Eco community to stay up to date on future fun opportunities to contribute. Shop intelligently!

WOAH! If you are done reading this congratulations! You are curious. You are a changemaker. We are vibing. Knowledge is power. Being conscious is powerful. We can only change ourselves, and that is enough. Vibra Eco is excited to provide opportunities for you to play your part, whether it’s through our shop, through our future community events and travels, or just by keeping you informed.

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Life tip: Don’t think you have to be perfect. We are all doing the best we can. Our motto is to be conscious not perfect.

Our mother earth, fellow mammals, is in need of you - so let’s work on this together.

P.S: You are so loved.

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