Easy and Powerful Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

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Happy Earth Day!

Our love and deep respect for our planet will continue to light our fire to help protect it every day.  The issues and devastating truths our planet is facing is overwhelming and leaves us feeling hopeless. We understand that being human and dealing with your own daily ups and downs can sometimes be enough, but we urge you to stay informed and active on the fight to protect our home. Our actions today WILL determine our future, our wildlife's future, and the wellbeing of our children and future generations. As we grow older we become busier and our days and lives pass before our eyes. We are here to remind you-you and your decisions matter. Every day counts and leaving this place better than you found it can be your legacy. Together we can create major positive impact and give back to our planet instead of constantly receiving. Vote for officials who care and stay informed. 

  1. Eat Local, Eat Less Meat and Dairy or Go Vegan


Climate change caused by our greenhouse gas emissions is warming our arctic lands at an accelerating rate; the animals in these places are already living in the world’s most extreme environment, struggling to survive and the added human-induced global warming is changing their environment too fast for them to adapt. A powerful way you can ameliorate this problem is to transform your diet. Animal agriculture (specifically beef production) is the most significant contributing factor to global warming. Reducing or eliminating your beef production can be the most effective change you can make in your lifetime.

Meat and dairy are also the biggest users of fresh water. Just to put it into perspective it can take up to 683 gallons of water to produce just one gallon of milk. A single cow has to go into overdrive for milk production and it can drink up to 50 gallons of water per day for this. It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of meat. Only 25 gallons of water are required to grow 1 pound of wheat. (PETA)

Check out Nest & Glow’s Vegan and Delicious recipes. 200 Delicious Vegan Recipes

  1. Invest in Good Quality Reusables:


Reusables are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for your savings account. We are constantly sharing the terrible impact plastic has on our oceans. It’s time to adapt to reusables and stop choosing convenience over our environment. Plastic can take over 200 years to disintegrate into small microplastics which are then confused for food by fish causing death and become difficult to remove from oceans. Single-use plastic no longer makes sense to continue to produce. Not supporting major corporations and their single-use plastic production is a powerful way to make it stop. We invite you to start today and shop our reusables! Need more plastic-free tips? Sign up to receive our Plastic-Free Living Guide.

  1. Embrace Renewable Energy & Drive + Fly Less:



Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with CO2 and other global warming emissions. These gases become similar to a blanket and trap heat resulting in stronger and more frequent storms, droughts, sea level rise, and animal/plant/human extinction. Fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) are the main cause of emissions. Wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy would reduce CO2 and fossil fuel emissions dramatically. Natural energy [wind, solar, and geothermal] will also be better for our air and water quality. Coal and natural gas plants are currently linked to air and water pollution causing breathing problems, heart attacks, cancer, and many other serious health problems.

Using bikes, electric cars, or public transportation as much as possible is a great way to contribute to this cause. We love travelling and seeing the world too, but air travel contributes to dangerous amounts of pollution. We are not saying to never go abroad but considering somewhere that doesn’t involve a flight all the time can be a solution. If you do decide to go abroad - make sure to check out the incredible sustainable hotels located all around the world. Impact Travel Alliance does a great job of rounding up the best places to visit and organizations to support. They focus on organizations that protect and respect our animals and planet.

  1. Be Conscious of Water/ Energy Use


Unplug unused devices as when they are plugged in they are still drawing electricity. Drying your clothes outside from time to time can also be a good idea as driers use 5 times more energy than a washing machine! Be conscious of not spending more than an hour showering just cause you can.

  1. Don’t Buy Into Fast Fashion:


In our last post, we highlighted the documentary The True Cost. Fast fashion has convinced our society of buying into the latest trends of clothing that quickly becomes out of fashion and ruined after a few uses. Large vendors encourage this wasteful behavior by convincing marketing tactics. The fast fashion industry creates clothing that is genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, and singlehandedly ruining the life of the person creating it. Third world country workers are getting paid pennies for their work and are directly affected by the harmful cheap chemicals being put into the production of this clothing. Shop ethically and repurpose old clothes. Check out 35 Fair Trade and Sustainable Shops Fighting Against Fast Fashion and one of our favorites Around Eco!

Thank you for connecting with us and doing your best. 

"What I stand for is what I stand on" ~ Wendell Berry


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